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More on our political journalists

A follow-up to my recent post about our political journalists.

I find it somewhat amusing the way Gordon Brown’s downfall has been predicted again and again by the so-called ‘analysts’ and ‘experts’ that make up the UK political commentariat.

Before the local elections, the consensus among this astute and discerning group of sages was that Gordon Brown would be finished if Labour lost more than 200 councillors. As it turned out, Labour lost over 300 seats, but Gordon Brown stayed put.

They then decided that if Labour lost the Crewe and Nantwich byelection, that would be the end of things for the hapless Gordon.

When it became clear that Labour was going to lose, the analysis changed. It then became a matter, not so much of Labour losing, but of the margin of defeat. If Labour lost by over 3,000 votes, we were soberly informed, the men in grey suits would lose no time in escorting Gordon Brown out of 10 Downing Street. In the event, Labour lost by over 7,000 votes, but of the men in grey suits, there has been no sign.

The ‘analysis’ has now changed. We are now being told to look forward to the European parliamentary elections next year. The ‘analysts’ prophesy that a Labour defeat would land Gordon Brown with a one-way ticket to Fife.

OK, here is my response to these experts and analysts: quit making it up as you go along. Stick to what you know (whatever that may be), and stop giving false hopes to the rest of the nation.

My own view is that Gordon Brown will be in place until the latest possible moment to call a General Election. None of the lily-livered, spineless cowards in his Government will dare to push him out. Of course, I do not hold myself out to be a ‘political expert’, and I will be very happy to be proved wrong in my prediction.

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  1. Beaman Says:

    It will certainly help the Conservatives if Brown stays put. That’s something to be thankful for.

  2. jmb Says:

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