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Labour’s delusion

Much talk in the press about Labour MPs and ministers plotting to unseat the hapless Gordon Brown. For some reason, they seem to think that he is the root of all their current woes. They do not realise, or choose not to realise, that the problem goes much, much deeper than that.

Simply put, this is it: the British public is sick of the Labour Government, and would like nothing more than to vote them out. Yes, there is a big problem with Brown - more to do with the fact that there is simply no connection between him and the public. To put it very kindly, he appears to most people as a statistics-spouting robot programmed only for one-way communication. Plus the fact that, having greedily and dishonestly grabbed all the credit for the good times in the economy, he cannot now distance himself from the current economic troubles. All his talk about “global turbulence” does not wash with the electorate.

But the bigger problem is Labour itself. People are quite rightly entitled to ask what exactly they have achieved from 11 years of a Labour Government. So far, the answer to that question should not fill any Labour MP with pride. The point of this article is not to enumerate Labour’s failings, numerous as they are (these are documented everywhere everyday - all one has to do is turn on the news); rather, my point is simply that if Labour MPs were truly honest with themselves, they would look to the bigger picture.

For any Labour MPs that might be reading, let me draw them an outline of the bigger picture: people are fed up to the back teeth of higher taxes, wasteful spending, rising crime, curtailment of individual freedom, nannying, excessive political correctness, erosion of British sovereignty, corruption among the political classes (though, to be fair, Labour is far from the only guilty party here), excessive regulation, and condescension from on high.

By all means, get rid of Gordon Brown - there will be very few tears shed - but do not delude yourselves that that would be the end of the nightmare. Far from it. Brown is actually performing a useful service for the Labour party. He is serving as a convenient lightning-rod for the anger of the electorate. Without him to hide behind, Labour and its self-serving MPs will face the full, undeflected wrath of the British public. Perhaps something for them to consider.

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  1. Nich Starling Says:

    The interesting thing is the words you use could as easily have been used to describe the Tories in the 1992-97 parliament. I don’t doubt they are heartfelt and much of what you say is true, but I am willing to anticipace the same level of bile towards the Tories in 12 years or so time.

    What goes around comes around.

  2. Bel Says:

    Hi Nich, welcome to the blog. Your first time to comment here, I think. :)

    Yes, I agree. It all seems rather cyclical, doesn’t it? Having said that, I rather suspect that the ferocity of the public anger this time around is driven by the fact that they had actually placed a lot of trust and goodwill in Blair, Brown, and Labour. I don’t think, in the years the Tories were in office, that they ever had that much goodwill from the public. Perhaps people voted for them out of a resigned sense that they were more competent with the economy than Labour were.

    As for the Tories 12 years from now, I think the public is now so jaded about politicians(”they’re all the same, etc”), that nobody will manage to work up quite the same level of anger in 12 years time. The expectations of the public have been drastically lowered, so I suspect that, so long as the Tories don’t sell us all into slavery, they will be tolerated, albeit with cynicism and contempt.

  3. CalumCarr Says:

    Hi Bel

    Many moons have passed since last I commented here.

    Nich (or is it Nick)has saved me from writing too much. He’s right imo.

    I think in 2005 anger at Blair masked unhappiness in general with Labour. Blair’s going allowed true views of Labour to be heard. Also the unelectability of Labour during the Thatcher years and of the Tories since 1997 allowed the governments to last longer than they would otherwise have done. Now, God forbid, with the Tories being seen as electable Labour plummet in the polls.

  4. Bel Says:

    Hi Calum,

    Long, long time! :)

    I hope you are well.

    I agree with what you say about the unelectability of one party leading to the other party getting a much freer ride than they deserved.

    But as to the Tories being seen as electable, why ‘God forbid?’

  5. CalumCarr Says:


    But as to the Tories being seen as electable, why ‘God forbid?’

    I think you know the answer to that one. I’m a bit to the left of new labour.

    You may have forgotten but you have a lot to answer for. It was you who suggested I join Blogpower! :-)

    I’ve missed your daily posts. i’ll ry to visit moer often now.

  6. Bel Says:

    A bit to the left of New Labour.

    My, you must be having a hard time at the moment! :) Not one single party with views you completely espouse. Mind you, I feel the same way about the Conservatives. I’m a bit to the right of Cameron - that’s not saying much, admittedly.

    Yes, I remember suggesting you join Blogpower.:) Having emigrated to the Netherlands, I’m no longer that much into UK political blogging. However, your blog is one of the few I regularly visit. I like the mix between personal and political stories. Here’s hoping you keep blogging! :)

  7. Calumcarr Says:


    Thanks. I didn’t know you still visited. I’ll keep an eye out for “Dutch” visitors.

  8. mutley Says:

    But they couldnt replace the PM again without an election could they? Any electoral legitimacy they had has disappeared. By the way all the alternatives to Brown as leader seem worse to me.. either nonentities or crooks..

  9. Bel Says:

    By the way all the alternatives to Brown as leader seem worse to me.. either nonentities or crooks..

    The best that can be said about them is that they are no better and no worse than Brown.

    I don’t even know if that isn’t even too kind.

    Is it possible for anyone to be worse than Brown?

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